St Ives Guitar Services is an independent guitar and bass technician service, offering set-ups and maintenance on electric, acoustic, and bass guitars for the people of North Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon, Peterborough and beyond, getting their instruments in tip-top shape for optimum playability.


Strings – Prices don’t include cost of strings. I tend to stock D’addarios in various gauges, however you may wish to provide your own if you have specific preferences.

Standard Set-up/Service £40

  • Action height adjustment
  • Neck assessment/adjustment
  • Intonation
  • Pickup height adjustment
  • Hardware check (tightening, lubricating etc)
  • Fret polish
  • Fretboard clean & oil
  • Strings changed and tuned to your desired pitch

Most playability issues can be overcome by a correct set-up. However, if you require something more…

Advanced Set-up £75
Comprised of the same features as the standard set-up, in addition to;

  • Fret level/re-crown/polish

For guitars with pitted or flattened and uneven frets, or even to upgrade the guitar’s playability. This is often beneficial for cheaper and mid-level import instruments where the factory fretwork wasn’t great to begin with, and it’s difficult to get the action down to a satisfactory level without buzzing/choking.

Wiring, hardware replacement/installation, mods etc…
Costs depend on the complexity and scale, in addition to the cost of parts/components (please specify if providing your own). Please contact for an accurate quote. These services do not include a set-up.

Services include…

  • Pickup installation
  • Nut replacement
  • Treble bleed mod
  • General wiring repairs
  • Much more… just ask!